© 2006

Poster 170 x 90 cm



I shall illuminate the dark side of the moon
Public Bath Belgrad (RS)
Kuratorin: Marica Radojčić

Teslas High Frequency Hair Colouring System

One important aspect of our work is fotosequence and film as related methods for our investigation in the field of media perception. We understand our work as a walk at the borderline between still  and moving image  – reflecting its history, techniques, theories, experiments. Under this premise many of our sequences deal with scientific experiments we imitate, invent, reinvent, alienate, bring into an ironic turn. The experiments we choose have either happend or could have happend. In this case: Teslas High Frequency Hair Colouring System. The poster is meant as an advertising poster for this new method of hair colouring, it should be mounted directly on walls, windows, etc.